The Middle East Kennel Club is exclusively insured with

We only use VIRBAC Products.

Why insure your pet?

  • The fact that two of three pets require veterinary treatment each year.

  • Almost 50% of pet owners claim on their insurance policy every year.

  • Claims are more likely to happen to your pet than to your home.

At The Middle East Kennel Club we insure your dog by giving you the choice of healthcare plans to suit your budget !

  • Type of insurance and cover

Insurance for dogs.
This insurance provides cover for Vet & vaccination fees, Death or loss of your dog, and boarding fees

  • Conditions

You must make sure that your dog has been vaccinated properly and on time, failure to do so may jeopardize Your claim or cover - General Conditions of the Policy gives you a full description concerning the matter


Section 1. Veterinary & Vaccination Fees

  Vet visits ranging from two to unlimited visits per year ( according to insurance plan chosen).

Section 2. Boarding MEKC Fees and Daily Minding

  Boarding up to 15 days including the cost of assigning someone to look after Your Dog.

Section 3. If Your Dog Is Lost, Stolen or Strays

  Up to $500 indemnity or replacement if the dog is lost, stolen or strays.

Section 4 & 5. If Your Dog Dies Accidental or Normal Death

  Indemnity up to a maximum of $1,000 or replacement if the dog dies or has to be put to sleep by a Vet in both cases (accidental or illness).

Section 6. If Your Dog attacks Someone causing injury or Damage to their Property/TPL

  Third Party Liability up to $50,000 in case of injury, death or property damage caused by your pet.