The Middle East Kennel Club was founded in 2005.

The Middle East Kennel Club is operative as of March 2005 to care about pets. To improve the pure-breed dogs was one of his aims with the assistance and expertise of the World Wide Kennel Club.

M.E.K.C is the sole authorized agent for the Worldwide Kennel Club (USA) which makes us stand firm and strong ready to serve with the right quality product and service as well as sole authorized distributors for VIRBAC.

In addition M.E.K.C provides Medical Care through its insurance.

The World Wide Kennel Club

The World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. was originally formed as a family owned and operated registry in Europe in 1961 to address the need for an International Registry for purebred dogs. We are now working with the German Kennel Club and Japanese Kennel Club along with other International Kennel Clubs